City symbol
When tradition meets innovation, the result is a company with a “soul” in energy measurement. AEM is a symbol of the city and a favourite global provider of electricity and gas meters.

Integrated company
We are proud to say that we are an integrated company, and control the entire production process of the parties. The range of products includes gas and electricity meters.

Global presence
With a global and trustworthy presence in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, AEM is a flexible company that understands the differences in each country and delivers products to high standards, suitable for any market.

We research and innovate

AEM goes beyond innovation and provides solutions to our customers, an entire system composed of software and hardware that reads energy consumption, communicates with a server and sends invoices to consumers. With AEM, everything is possible.

We work to high standards

AEM has technologies that may deliver products manufactured by taking into account the current standards and future standards. AEM has adopted a quality policy due to its constant desire to fulfil its customers’ expectations and meet the international standards in force.

Investing in the future

Both our responsiveness in product development, and the constant change of the requirements and real needs of our customers contribute equally to the modernization and industrialization of our production processes.



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