International standards


Quality is an essential aspect of our products and services, so in SC AEM SA it is also very important. Our goal is to determine the needs of our customers and to satisfy them.

The company’s mission is to maintain its leadership position in Romania as a manufacturer of electric energy meters and to promote electricity and gas meters on the markets of Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and to always be our customers’ favourite, competent and honest partner.

In order to achieve these goals all products are made ​​in accordance with the national and international norms and standards.

AEM SA has set concrete goals on the level of organization and organizational entities, the maximum target being to meet the customer’s needs and expectations, ensuring employee involvement in knowing the obligations, and in enhancing the skills, knowledge and experience. Continuous improvement is an important component of business management and each employee.

Verification and metrological calibration tests of our products and other means of measurement are performed within the laboratories. Metrology Laboratory is accredited under EN ISO/CEI 17025 and authorized by the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology.

With its environment, occupational health and safety policy, SC AEM SA commits to deliver the products and services of its manufacturing profile according to the specifications, without harming the environment, occupational health and safety of its own personnel and its associated activities, their achievement being ensured by implementing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. In order to achieve environmental protection, AEM SA has continuously invested in non-polluting installations, including wastewater treatment plants or galvanic gas washing installations.

Specialists of our company offer all their passion and attention to each technological step, from the first stage of the production process, to the services and solutions they provide to the customers. This way they ensure a globally recognized quality of devices for measuring electricity and gas.

Quality Management of products and processes

AEM_3500AEM_3500The company has invested in the implementation of automated installations to provide products with the highest standards of quality. Data acquisition processes are performed by process computers, ensuring production processes to the smallest details, minimizing the risk of human error.

Being aware of the electricity market demands, the company has developed a range of intelligent solutions such as SMART AMR systems, providing flexibility and efficiency for both data acquisition and for the management and distribution of information to customers, suppliers, utility companies or service providers, facilitating their integration with other data management systems.

To ensure the highest quality levels, meter assembly workshops are equipped with the latest generation automated installations. Metrological testing of meters is made ​​with high performance equipment in automated systems and computer-aided process.

AEM SA relies on people specialized in energy research and metering using advanced computer systems and computer aided design applications for all our products to reach the highest level of quality.