Social Responsibility

Investing in the future

Social responsibility is the basis of our commercial success today. AEM experts create added value not only to the company but also to society.

The field AEM team focuses on is investing in the future of intelligent solutions in energy and gas measurement so as to provide customers with high quality products and support services. AEM has invested in one of the most advanced non-pollution systems of Central and Eastern Europe. This system consists of a gas washing system arising from the galvanizing process. Automatic Galvanic Coating Lines acquired for the galvanic workshop are equipped with push-pull ventilation systems and exhaust installations are equipped with gas washers depending on the type of exhausted alkaline or acidic gases that ensure the concentrations of pollutants discharged into the atmosphere are within the limits regulated by the legislation.

The environmental management system maintained and developed according to ISO 14001 is certified by SRAC ROMANIA and the Occupational safety health management system according to OHSAS 18001-2007 is certified by SRAC ROMANIA.


We are convinced that we have the power and duty to actively participate in the community we live in, to be an active part in contemporary issues.

Philanthropic actions:

Donations of computers and multimedia for schools in the locations affected by floods in Timiș County in 2005.
Donations granted by the Association “Linia verde pentru protectia copilului/Green Line for child protection” to help sick children.
Donations in support of the Association “Vocea copiilor/Voice of Children” for the event “Floare de colt/Edelweiss” national competition for children and young talented persons under the child protection system.
Donations to “Speranţa/Hope” Foundation from Timisoara to purchase a minibus and furnishing and equipping the first club for teens and parents.
Building a house in Ionel village after the floods in 2005
Modernizing the school auditorium of Ion Vidu High School in Timisoara

Volunteering in the community:

During the last five years volunteers of SC AEM SA have participated in the people helping program within the “Complex of community services for children with disabilities” in Lugoj Municipality and “Family and professional integration support centre for young people in Timisoara”, giving them gifts on the eve of the most important holidays of the year: Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day.

Currently the senior management and employees of SC AEM SA are involved in community development programs, educational initiatives and cultural events.